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- Hard work -

        Eighties of the last century, Shun Xie Shunxing founder of a master craftsman with several sheet metal start a business process, established by the loan a Shun Machinery Factory. A year later made a successful mill group, relying on the quality of the product was an instant sensation, and gradually developed into a Shun Machinery Co., Ltd., became the drug of the earlier batch of production machinery manufacturers.


- Pluralism -

        1990s, the sun has experienced a decade of experience, feel fledgling, with the business conditions of longitudinal development, decided to enter the gaps - packaging machinery industry, but due to the lack of domestic technical personnel, this idea had delayed extension, lateral to develop and expand business scale。 Shun up from the beginning just a production grinder, mixer and other mechanical emulsification successfully developed into a production machine, dryer, and other large equipment manufacturers, continue to grow for the future and lay a firm foundation。


- The second venture -

        Since the new millennium, a sun up gradually realize their long cherished dream came into contact with the packaging machinery industry, is now in the original drug on the basis of mechanical, committed to the packaging machinery industry, is now gradually scale。 Shun has reached a strong technical innovation capability, in a solid financial security, through the introduction of international advanced production equipment and technology, to recruit domestic packaging industry management personnel, the implementation of scientific development, packaging industry equipment production in the country shown great promise。 Currently, up to a sun is expanding the scale of investment, "customer first, quality first" corporate culture constantly innovation, striding toward a larger goal。




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